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Complete Stock Market 360 Course In (Hindi)

Learn To Trade The Stock Market by A Trading Firm CEO. For:  Equity Cash , Future and Commodity Trading, Day Trading, Swing Trading

Instructor: Mahesh Bavaliya
Language: Hindi
Enrolled Learners: 828
Validity Period: Lifetime

Savings :₹17001/- 

Actual Value :₹20000/-

No Boring Theory
Only Practical Approach to Stock Trading
Start Stock Trading Journey In Just 7 Days
Learn Indian Stock and Commodity Trading form Expert Trainer & Trader

What you'll learn

  • A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it is a desire for life

  • Basics to advanced of stock market in a fun way

  • What are the mistakes beginners make in stock market

  • Proven trading strategies to make money

  • How to prevent loss in case of wrong trade

  • Learn candlesticks trading

  • Learn about trends and patterns

  • Learn about gap trading

Course Contents

Module 1

  • Introduction to Indian Stock Market
  • Why Investing is Important & Where to Invest?
  • Information About Investing and Trading
  • What is the Stock (Exchange) Market ?
  • Product and Service Associated with Stock Market
  • Stock Market Participants
  • Regulator of Market
  • Financial Intermediaries in the markets

Module 2

  • Role of Stock Broker
  • How to Select Right Broker
  • Information About Demat & Trading Account
  • Demat & Trading Account Opening Process
  • Before Making First Trade Learn Why People Lose Money in Stock Market
  • Learn to Take Right time Entry and Exits
  • Importance of Trading psychology

Module 3

  • Introduction to Indian Commodity Future Market
  • Understanding Commodities
  • Commodity Derivatives Trade on Global Exchanges
  • Understanding Derivatives and Commodity Futures Trading
  • Regulatory Framework of Commodity Market in India
  • Product and Service Associated With Commodity Market

Module 4

  • Introduction to Market Analysis
  • Importance of Technical Analysis
  • Introduction of Technical Analysis
  • History of Technical Analysis
  • Information About Charting Software
  • Types of Charts

Module 5

  • Candlestick Chart Basics
  • Types of Market Trend
  • Bullish Candlesticks Pattern
  • Bearish Candlesticks Pattern
  • Support & Resistance
  • Draw Trend Line
  • Introduction to Indicators & Oscillators
  • Introduction to Moving Averages
  • How to Use RSI
  • How to Use Stochastic
  • How to Use MACD

Module 6

  • Gap Theory
  • Fibonacci Analysis
  • Difference Types of Trading Strategies
  • Free Online Charting Software and Market Scanners
  • Super Trend Trading Strategies
  • Moving Average Trading Strategies
  •  RSI Trading Strategies

Instructor: Mahesh Bavaliya
Language: Hindi
Enrolled Learners: 528
Validity Period: Lifetime

Savings :₹17001/- 

Actual Value :₹20000/-

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