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Hi, My Name is Mahesh Bavaliya, I am a independent trader and Specialist in Stock and Commodity market analysis and trading systems,also I am Passionate for Building Mechanical Trading Strategies on Amibroker Platform,

When I first started learning to trade in year of 2010, I wished that there was one place I could go to find all the information I needed to start and build my own trading strategy. There is so much information out there but what I really wanted was for someone to bring it all together and show me how to trade – Step. By. Step.

It took me years to discover the method of trading that I was looking for: Rules Based Trading. This is trading to a set plan with exact parameters, no subjective decisions, no psychology, no cut your losses, no run your winners, no ifs no buts – simply a set of rules that you build through the process of back-testing.

Probreakout.com is a place where I will bring together the tools and resources I found useful in my journey. I will share free beginners information to help you build your knowledge and confidence and eCourse that will show you how to build, test and trade a working Rules Based Trading Strategy – Step By Step!

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